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Short pixel is an image optimization tool that’s designed to help your website load faster. You upload an image may be too big to your website and before serving it to your customers, Short Pixel will reduce the file size while retaining the quality of the image. There are many free tools on the market that is similar.

There are many Word Press plugin to compress images easily. Previous versions of short pixel did not include newest plug in Adaptive Image. A small image is unique because when someone is on their phone, they will receive a smaller-sized image, so lower pixels than when they’re on their laptop or their desktop. So it’s actually smart to convert the device that’s visiting your website and serving them the appropriate size image and that serving is coming through the short pixel CDN. We definitely prefer the smaller image size that shortpixel provides at the same reasonable quality. Unless you really zoom in, you’ll start to see that distortion.

Image Optimization

Adaptive image plugin is going to resize your images based on the device size of your user; shortpixel themselves recommends using adaptive images when you have a larger audience say across the country or across the entire world. However, if you have a local audience, they recommend using just their standard image optimization. Once you’ve got the plug in installed, setting up is super easy, you’re going to choose between one of their three flavours of compression, you have a lossy compression. If you do photography, or other images that are more sensitive to any sort of distortion, you can choose either their glossy setting, or lossless setting. So, lossy means it adds a little bit more noise, but you get the smaller size. And lossless keeps the images pixel perfect is what they say. But it will reduce the file size. When you’re ready, save your changes. And let’s head over to the Advanced tab here is where you can set up your CDN.

If you need to regenerate your thumbnails, or replace an image in your media library shortpixel has great plugins to help you do that. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of installs and a great reputation. We highly recommend investing in this plugin if you can afford it. If you liked the video, make sure you click like so I know you appreciate the content.

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Summary of Review

Short Pixel reduce the file size

  • Quality
  • PositivPricee
  • Support
  • CDN is little high price

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