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It is an SEO tool called money robot, but it’s still relevant today, and it works well. Money Robot is a blackhatseo tool even though it is not a free backlinks submitter software. It works well for ranking videos and doing some websites, whether you’re doing sub-sites or niche sites.

This article is about Ranker X versus Money Robot, and both of them mostly do the same thing. They both create accounts and post websites, but they’re very different. Some people are die-hard Money Robot supporters as backlink submitter software, and then others don’t like, and they want to go with something a little bit more robust, and so they go with Ranker X. It just depends on what you’re comfortable with and what you want to do? So we’re going through both software, and you can be the judge. I’ll give you the good points and the bad points of each software. And then you can decide for yourself which one’s going to work for you.

Review of Money Robot and RankerX

So first off Money Robot. Money Robot has an active community on Facebook. So that’s a plus, if you have a problem, you don’t necessarily have to contact their support. You can just go to the Facebook group and ask a question.  It was straightforward. They give you a 7 days free trial. You may also try rankerx download here.

Money Robot
Best Backlinking Software
$30 $67

They say that they can submit to all of these sites so web 2.0 blogs, social networks, social bookmarking websites, directories, press Release article directories, web 2.0 profiles, forum profiles.

Money Robot is fully automated and has a lot of high authority sites very high success rate. In Money Robot, we use the campaign feature, which lets you draw out a diagram.

We are going to focus primarily on web 2.0 blogs because that’s pretty much what everybody likes to post. So, Ranker x gives you a ton they give you about 100+, higher quality web 2.0 blogs. You got sites like live journal, WordPress, Tumblr. And ranker x is fully capable of creating accounts and posting to all of these sites. Now with moneyrobot, they don’t list. So, there’s a total of 90 roughly the same as rankerx. But the success rate is significant for both.

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