Market Muse Review: The Best AI Content Optimizer for Content Marketing

Market Muse is an artificial intelligence software that drastically accelerates the content creation lifecycle. Every company needs to write content describing their products and services, the markets they serve and the problems they solve. The problem is that this is a manual process. And at the same time, there are trillions of articles on the web on everything. And AI can actually analyze that and give human writers specific guidance on how to be more creative, and how to be more productive and more effective.

Marketing Muse is really focused on what’s on the page and how that content connects to one another. It’s really giving really thoughtful subject matter expert content, quality, focused solution.

We really feel passionate about artificial intelligence and what it means for the world. These are things that were never possible before and that’s part of the magic of marketing.

Market Muse helps companies not only prioritize what to write and why, but also how to create predictably better content in a personalized manner. How hard is it for you to rank with this topic? It takes 10 to 12 hours to do required research and pre publication optimization for an expert level piece of content in the eyes of search engines. Most tools only provide surface level data but market muses proprietary model analyzes hundreds of 1000s of articles on your topic clustered so you won’t miss anything.

AI to Accelerate Content Research

MarketMuse is a platform that uses AI to accelerate content research and analyze and measure your content quality. The intelligence section is crucial for information. The application setting is where you’ll conduct external research and find out exactly what you need in order to create an awesome piece of content. The research tab is at the core of MarketMuse functionality. This tab will show you the most important subjects that a topic expert would cover when creating content around your selected focused topic. The Compete Tab gives you which sites are ranking in your category. There are two ways to view this information either in the list view which is pretty straightforward and displays the rankings, titles, URLs and content score for each of your competitors, or the heat map. This includes the same information but you can see the types of convos happening around a topic and more importantly, the topical gaps that can show you the must have related topics you need to cover as well as opportunities to differentiate your content. Next is question, where you will go to get an understanding of users search intent and develop your ideas for content based on what users want to know. Fill up your content with internal and external links as provided by the Connect tab. Stop creating content that nobody needs instead rank higher and stand apart from your competition with MarketMuse.

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